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Chevron announces unprecedented community investment

The relationship between the Chevron refinery and the city of Richmond is often described as adversarial. But in the midst of all of the tension, the company says it is committed to its long-standing philanthropic...
Henry Clark

Feds approve results of Chevron fire investigation

On Aug. 6 of last year, the rough draft of a federal investigation says, an employee at the Chevron Richmond refinery noticed a puddle on the ground.

Chevron fire investigators: Overhaul needed to prevent future incidents

Despite all the eyes on the Richmond Chevron refinery before last August’s fire, the plant’s corroded crude pipe still went unnoticed, federal and state officials said Friday. Federal and state investigators have determined Chevron disregarded...

Residents told to expect flaring as Chevron refinery begins maintenance

Residents near Chevron’s Richmond Refinery can expect to see flames at the plant’s flare stacks over the next month and a half, as the refinery enters one of its occasional maintenance periods. On Monday, the...