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Richmond City Council puts Chevron-DMC motion on hold while patients and hospital hold on

The fate of Doctors Medical Center remained in doubt after five hours of heated arguments at the Richmond City Council meeting Tuesday, which adjourned at 11:30 p.m. The council postponed until Oct. 21 any resolution...
Tom Butt and Mayor Gayle McLaughlin recently returned from a trip to Cuba. While the councilmember paid his own way, the trip cost taxpayers roughly $13,000 (Photo courtesy of: Tom Butt)

Residents scruitnize Councilmembers’ foreign trips

City leaders recently took trips to Cuba, China, and Japan. While councilmembers say the trips foster economic growth and spur innovative thinking, some resident are wary of footing the bill to send city leaders overseas...
Patrick Lynch, Richmond's director of housing and community development, fielded questions from the Oakland City Council last night about the Richmond Cares program (Photo by: Becca Andrews)

Richmond’s program to prevent foreclosures spreads

It was one of those public meetings with a whole lot of talk and no action, but this discussion –in Oakland – is nonetheless crucial to Richmond’s plan to prevent future foreclosures. That’s because Richmond...
Volunteers prepare to install solar photovoltaic panels on the Valencia house in the Iron Triangle (Photo by: Mark Andrew Boyer)

Nonprofit installs solar panels on inner-city homes in Richmond

A big smile spread across Raul Valencia’s face as he watched volunteer workers prepare to install solar panels on his house. The Valencias are one of eight families in Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood to receive...
Henry Clark Occupy Chevron rally

Henry Clark and three decades of environmental justice

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin first saw Henry Clark, as so many have, at the gates of Richmond’s Chevron oil refinery. It was a blustery day in June 2003 and Clark was calling for environmental accountability...
Over two hundred undocumented workers are fired by Pacific Steel Casting. The workers and their family rallied Sunday afternoon in St. Mark’s Catholic Church. (photo by: Evelyn Xiaoqing Pi)

Workers fired from foundry, community provides support

Richmond leaders were on hand to oppose the imminent firings of more than 200 undocumented workers in Berkeley who were flagged in a work eligibility audit conducted by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
TransMETRO representatives sit in front of city council (photo by Alexis Kenyon).

City spends 1.8 million on transMETRO despite disputes

The City Council decided last week to spend most of a $2 million tax settlement with Chevron on a conditional contract with transMETRO, a transportation consulting service that will help the city implement a greenhouse-gas...
Richmond Earth Day

Earth Day celebrations bring Richmond together

Richmond and North Richmond turned “green” on Saturday, celebrating the international Earth Day with a “Green” Panther Parade that was five times bigger than the one last year and several other events throughout the city.