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Emmy Lou Packard exhibit

Shipyard exhibit brings wartime art to life

A new exhibition of rarely seen prints by California artist Emmy Lou Packard opened Saturday in Richmond, offering visitors a glimpse of one of the Bay Area's most noteworthy 20th century artists at work during...
Protesters cheer as Sandra Roman, a striking fast food worker, urges workers behind the counter at a McDonald's in Richmond to join their strike. (Photo by Bonnie Chan)

Hundreds of workers rally across the East Bay for the “Fight for $15”

Fast food and low-wage workers in Oakland, Richmond and Berkeley joined a workers’ strike dubbed “Fight for $15” on Wednesday, continuing a two-year-long campaign that calls on fast food chains to institute a $15 minimum...
A coalition of fast food, home care, airport, day labor and other low-wage workers marched down International Blvd. in Oakland on December 4, 2014, calling for a $15 base wage and the right to unionize. (Photo  by Bonnie Chan)

Two years later, fast food workers’ fight for $15 and a union still going strong

Cecilia Rodriguez has lived in Richmond for 24 years. Over the past seven, she has worked for $8 an hour at a McDonald's on Macdonald Avenue to support her three children, all of whom are...