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John Fassell with the California Department of Public Health points to an area on an aerial photograph of the southeast Richmond shoreline where confirmed radioactive material was found during a meeting of the Richmond Southeast Shoreline Area Community Advisory Group. (Photo by: Kevin N. Hume)

State officials confirm radioactive material present at Richmond southeast shore site

The Richmond Southeast Shoreline Community Advisory Group alleges radioactive material found by state officials on Richmond's shoreline was illegally dumped by a chemical company in the sixties.
Richmond toxic map2

Richmond’s Toxics

Decades of industrial pollution have left toxic contaminants in Richmond's air, water, and soil. Click on the icons to learn more.
From left, the BAAQMD's Jack Broadbent, EPA's Dan Meer, and U.S. Chemical Safety Board' s Dan Tillema answered questions from skeptical residents during a briefing on the investigations into Chevron's Aug. 6 refinery fire. (Photo by: Rachel Waldholz)

Residents skeptical of refinery investigations

There are five separate investigations into the Aug. 6 Chevron refinery fire, but if Monday’s meeting was any indication, many Richmond residents doubt even that will be enough.
Several scientists, EPA representatives, and scuba divers worked to pull up mussels that had been in the bottom of the Lauritzen Channel for a month. The mussels measure the level of pollutants in the water. (2012)

Dangerous levels of DDT pollution in the Richmond Harbor

The Lauritzen Channel has more DDT in it than before the 1996 cleanup, and some fish are turning up with DDT levels in their tissues hundreds of times higher than their counterparts in the rest...
Richmond will host a major meeting on environmental justice Thursday, with representatives from nearly a dozen federal agencies. (Image courtesy of City of Richmond Environmental Initiatives.)

Richmond to host major meeting on environmental justice

Richmond will host a major public meeting on environmental justice and job creation Thursday, with representatives from nearly a dozen federal agencies as well as local officials, social-service providers and environmental and business groups. Representatives...