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Bobcat. Photo source: “BOBCAT" by Valerie on Flickr, shared via Creative Commons

On Earth Day 2015, a look at the wild species that live in the East Bay regional parks

The California Grizzly bear has been immortalized on the state’s flag, but the four-leg symbol is not around California anymore—at least not since 1924, when the last specimen was spotted in Santa Barbara County. However,...
dennis herbert ervin coley north richmond

Earth Day in North Richmond is about honoring past, looking to future

More than 100 residents and activists turned out in force to work and celebrate Earth Day in North Richmond on Saturday. But they had a lot of help from those no longer here in body,...
Richmond Earth Day

Earth Day celebrations bring Richmond together

Richmond and North Richmond turned “green” on Saturday, celebrating the international Earth Day with a “Green” Panther Parade that was five times bigger than the one last year and several other events throughout the city.
volunteer pulling weeds

How to celebrate Earth Day in Richmond

Every year since 1970, on and around April 22 individuals and organizations worldwide have demonstrated their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. This year, Richmond’s citizens will have plenty of opportunities to support this global...