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Jars of medical marijuana on display at a Richmond dispensary. (photo by Natalie Jones)

Richmond dispensaries hid possibly millions in sales, profited illegally, DA report finds

The DA report, dated Sept. 10, 2015, found that Richmond’s three medical marijuana dispensaries—Green Remedy Collective, Holistic Healing Collective and 7 Stars Holistic Healing Collective—and their owners appeared to have manipulated financial data in order...
Intersection of B Street and Nevin Avenue, Richmond, CA

Police confirm three officers fired weapons in Feb. 11 shooting

The Richmond Police Department confirmed Thursday that three of its officers fired at an armed suspect in the officer-involved shooting on February 11, the city’s first such shooting since December 2011. Police Capt. Mark Gagan...
A polling station at the Marina Bay Harbor Master's Building is empty as of 5 p.m. Tuesday. Photo by Ian A. Stewart.

Election 2010: Gioia leading in race for County Supe

It was too early to tell for many of Tuesday's local races, although by 9 p.m., County Supervisor John Gioia was leading in his bid to fend off political newcomer Mister Phillips for the District...