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City Council Election 2012: Nat Bates

In the summer of 1975, Richmond Councilman Nat Bates received a call from Ben Brown, a Democratic campaign organizer in Atlanta. Brown needed Bates’ support rallying African American voters behind his candidate, Jimmy Carter, a...

Budget cuts cut court interpreters

After the Contra Costa Superior Court decided last month to adopt a plan that cuts $7 million from its annual budget, it will no longer pay for interpreters in domestic violence cases beyond this fall.
Fred Jackson memorial

A North Richmond tribute to the man, the ‘Fred Jackson Way’

As one of the dozens of buoyant well-wishers put it Thursday night, these services didn’t have the feel of a funeral – there was too much joy in the room.
Ellison family and chief chris magnus and deputy chief ed medina celebrate the service of Douglas Ellison

Richmond honors first African American police sergeant

When Douglas Ellison made his mark on Richmond history, Martin Luther King Jr. was just 17 years old. Harry Truman had not yet desegregated America’s armed forces, and Rosa Parks hadn’t refused to concede her...