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Chevron refinery fire

City officials press ahead with lawsuit following 2012 Chevron refinery fire

Two years after a series of explosions and fires tore through Chevron’s Richmond refinery, city officials are pressing ahead with their lawsuit against the oil giant.

Health experts find minimal long-term effects from refinery fire

Richmond resident Sylvia Gray-White is one of many residents worried about health concerns following last year's Chevron refinery fire, though health experts are unclear about any lasting effects.

Chevron announces unprecedented community investment

The relationship between the Chevron refinery and the city of Richmond is often described as adversarial. But in the midst of all of the tension, the company says it is committed to its long-standing philanthropic...

Chevron installs new air monitor in North Richmond

Contra Costa County residents will soon have a better understanding of exactly what is in the air they're breathing. Chevron recently installed a new air-monitoring station at Fire Station 62, in North Richmond, which will...

Richmond mulls legal action against Chevron Corp. over refinery fire

The Richmond City Council is 30 days from pursuing litigation against Chevron Corporation if negotiations fail to secure compensation for the August 2012 refinery fire. Legislators are seeking money from the oil company for damages...

Chevron fire investigators: Overhaul needed to prevent future incidents

Despite all the eyes on the Richmond Chevron refinery before last August’s fire, the plant’s corroded crude pipe still went unnoticed, federal and state officials said Friday. Federal and state investigators have determined Chevron disregarded...
Richmond Officials

City officials approve permits for Richmond refinery repairs

Days after a public meeting was held to discuss the repairing of piping, city staff gave the go-ahead for the approval of permits that allow for repairs on the No. 4 Crude Unit at Chevron’s...