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Contra Costa affordable-housing advocates hope to build off ‘great energy’ of new state laws

The state housing bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 29 have created optimism in Contra Costa County, but affordable-housing advocates see them as just the start of a long process.

First community briefing for the Berkeley Global Campus

UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are planning the new Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay. The committee wants the university to sign a legally binding agreement aiding those such as disadvantaged workers,...

UC Berkeley’s Richmond Global Campus expected to spur housing construction

During a City Council meeting Tuesday, Mayor Butt’s office and a number of development experts gave a presentation on public policy initiatives to improve the availability, quality and development of affordable housing. The presentation centered...
Kingdom and Malachi at Lillie Mae Jones Plaza

Affordable housing opens in the Iron Triangle, targeting those in need

When Reina Portillo was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband, Jose Pedro Albarron Lopez, lost his job, her family, including four children and one grandchild, crammed into whatever one-bedroom apartment they could afford that...