Charter Schools

School board stops short of charter revocation

The board directed its staff to reach an agreement with the Amethod Public Schools, which operates the John Henry school, on how to move forward.

Alleged violation sets date for charter revocation hearing

The school board initiated a charter revocation process for John Henry High School last week. Board President Valerie Cuevas advocated for the revocation after the alleged mandatory reporting violations were brought to the attention of...

School board candidates discuss charters, nutrition and safety at forum

The moderator asked questions about charter schools, nutritious lunches, school safety and educational inclusion at a forum Tuesday.  
Community members rally against Rocketship San Pablo Elementary during the first public hearing for its charter petition at the West Contra Costa Unified School District board meeting on Wednesday, November 15.

West Contra Costa school board races attract significant campaign donations as charter schools continue to grow

Significant campaign donations from organizations linked with charter schools flooded the last two West Contra Costa school board races. As charter schools continue to grow in the district, it's important to examine the money and...

Advocates fight for teacher salary increase in West Contra Costa schools, decry proposal of contentious charter school

United Teachers of Richmond is currently in negotiations with the West Contra Costa Unified School District school board for said salary raise and smaller class sizes. The proposal comes after the union called for an...
Regulations on admission policies at the 12 charter schools at West Contra Costa Unified School District will be codified upon Gov. Jerry Brown's approval of AB1360. (Photo by Yutao Chen)

West Contra Costa charter schools with diverse demographics scored higher on state tests

WCCUSD charter schools scored higher than district schools in statewide Smarter Balanced test with high percentage of English learners and socioeconomically disadvantaged students as a bill deterring exclusionary admission policies of charter schools awaits approval...