Touch, Move: First annual chess festival in Richmond

The first annual chess festival in Richmond brought together residents of all ages to play the game.

As part of the Richmond Chess Initiative, the West Coast Chess Alliance (WCCA) hosted the first ever chess festival in Richmond. The aim was to bring the game into the community and help bridge the enrichment and academic gap among the city’s youth.

The event brought together residents of all ages from across the the Bay Area. WCCA founder and director T.C. Ball sees it as an opportunity not just to celebrate the game, but also to promote the new community chess park throughout downtown Richmond.

“One of the jewels about chess is that it really enhances diversity,” Ball said. “Richmond is probably one of the most diverse of our cities in the Bay Area. Chess celebrates that diversity.”


  1. Commenter

    Great idea for an article. It’s wonderful that the game of chess is being introduced into downtown Richmond. I would like to suggest that most readers would like more information such as where was this event held, and where is this new community chess park located? ( A previous article in RC was about chess at the community garden at 10th & MacDonald. )

    • Antoine Thibideaux

      Awesome effort TC. Keep toiling on and this city will become the chess capital of California.

    • Nicolas Petroni

      All of downtown richmond was designated as a chess park. Also, I run a chess club at the new San pablo library every Friday from 3:30 – 5 pm. Please stop by, it’s free!

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