Around the Way: Richmond youth living the green life at AdamsCrest Farm

Diana Leal says that before she came to AdamsCrest farm, she didn’t know why she felt sick and tired all the time. Turns out, it was due to fast-food.

“I would eat it because I was hungry. I never looked too deep into it,” she said. Then her friend Bruno Lara recruited her to work as an apprentice at Urban Tilth. Suddenly, she felt so much healthier.

“You feel the difference between the grocery stores and your own food,” she said. “I can taste the difference.”

Now, Leal spends most of her days at the farm with Lara and Rudy Lozito, who manages the site. Most of the food she eats comes from the farms, and she’s learned everything from how eating organic will make her healthier to what insects are harmful to crops.

Leal, who is just 20 years old, has gone from eating fast-food regularly to considering agriculture as a career.

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  1. Tek Sandoval

    Urban Tilth please give this motivated young lady some garden gloves and a trowel! No way to transplant seedlings without them. Best wishes with her new passion.

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