MAP: An overview of every toxic, contaminated site in Richmond

Source: Data from the California Department of Toxic Substance Control

Over the decades, a sprawling network of shuttered chemical plants and oil refineries has left harmful pollutants in Richmond’s air, water, and soil.

According to data collected by the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, the city is home to more than a hundred hazardous waste sites, including two highly contaminated, federally designated Superfund locations.

Richmond Confidential’s “Toxics Map,” updated in the fall of 2017, details where the state is cleaning up and evaluating hazardous-waste sites, where cleanup is voluntary, and the previously mentioned Superfund locations.

State Response: California’s program to clean up hazardous waste sites.

Evaluation: The site is under investigation for hazardous waste contamination.

Voluntary Cleanup: The responsible party can clean up the site at their own pace.

Federal Superfund: The U.S. EPA’s program to clean up the nation’s worst hazardous waste sites.


  1. Michele Hunt

    What does the status certified mean?

    • Commenter

      Good question. A worthy follow up might be a list with more detailed information about all these sites.

  2. David Naisuler

    Yes, looking at “Richmond Substation S” on Nevin- what does “Certified” mean? By whom? When? What is the plan?

  3. E. S.

    Should I be surprised to see no sites associated with Richmond Refinery?

    • Commenter

      Good catch. There are over a hundred years of old buried and forgotten pipes running around there and over the hill to Point Orient and elsewhere I believe as well. But that’s just something I heard from old timers years ago. It would be reassuring to know if Chevron has kept track of all that or not. There’s another good story for a budding journalist.

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