High school students take to Richmond streets, protesting a Trump presidency

High school students in Richmond talk about why they chose to walk out of class the day after Donald Trump was elected president. Video by Julia Vassey.

High school students across the East Bay walked out of class Wednesday and marched in protest of Donald Trump’s election, carrying signs and chanting.

In Richmond, students from Leadership Public Schools, Kennedy High School and Richmond High School walked to City Hall, shutting down traffic on MacDonald Avenue along the way.

The protest was peaceful, Richmond Police Department officers said, and culminated on the steps of City Hall.

Many students expressed fear—for themselves and their families. They were angry, they said, and they wanted their voices heard.

“The city of Richmond is listening,” said Alex Knox, one of the mayor’s staffers.


  1. Barbara ignatius

    Well doNe, East Bay high school students. You speak for so many of us. We Are listening. Keep speaking. Thank you.

  2. Bleh

    What a waste. They do realize they can’t do anything about Trump, right?

    • Shut yo dumbass up white ass

    • Anonymous

      Not true- they can ask for protections and considerations from state and local politicians, and this is their way of doing that. Additionally, they are protesting not just policy but the incredibly harmful and painful rhetoric he has used to threaten them and their families throughout his campaign. This is not a waste, it is their only way of communicating their values. Your comment is shameful as an American. It would serve you to try to be more empathetic.

  3. Confidential Commenter

    According to the Richmond Standard it was not an entirely peaceful event as “On their way to City Hall, the Valero gas station was looted and merchandise vandalized and destroyed.”
    The problem I have with these types of actions is they are always accompanied by vandals and looters who harm innocent businesses along the way as we routinely see in Oakland.

    • Confidential Commenter

      * I forgot to add that I do support their right to protest, and commend the mayor’s office support of the kids and especially Alex Knox’s efforts .

  4. Anonymous

    Students from Kennedy High School, Lovonya DeJean Middle School, El Cerrito High, Helms middle, korematsu middle, college prep and middle college were also present. Please recognize those students, as well as community members and teachers who walked alongside students. Additionally, it would be valuable to include specific details about what students are fearful of, so that readers may be more informed. Many children, especially those who applied for DACA, fear that their college/work opportunities are immediately endangered under a Trump presidency. Our students are informed and readers should be as well. Thank you.

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