De Anza High receives threatening letters

The first of two letters written to De Anza High.

The first of two letters written to De Anza High.

In recent weeks, De Anza High School has received two racially charged and threatening letters aimed at students, school officials reported.

The letters were typed and mailed to the school.

Richmond Police have not yet identified who was responsible and are unsure of where the letters are coming from.

“This is not something we take lightly,” Richmond Police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said. “Parents and students have been notified, and we are investigating with the school.”

Automated calls were keeping families informed and providing instructions for attending school.

According to KTVU, West Contra Costa Unified School District Executive Director Adam Taylor said of the threats, “We do take them seriously when they come in,” he said. “Number one in the district is to ensure the safety of kids before we can even teach.”

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  1. Being a graduate of De Anza High School, I find this behavior ridiculous. Blacks are always stereotyped and put into a box because of ones behavior and it’s unfair. But I will say that this letter is unnecessary and need to be taken care of. Some disturbance is not as serious and threatening the lives of those in a school community. In addition, no matter what people may think De Anza students are not juvenile, in fact De Anza produce intelligent, independent, and strong minded individuals, black or not. Let’s get it together please

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