Volunteers work to restore historic war ship built in Richmond

The SS Red Oak Victory has a long history of carrying cargo. After being commissioned in 1944, it transported ammunition during three wars. The Richmond Museum Association took ownership of the vessel in 1998, and now the ship is being restored in the same port where she was built: the Richmond Kaiser Shipyards. A group of faithful volunteers is getting the ship prepped to take passengers on cruises across the San Francisco Bay four to six times a year.

Click on the video above for the full story.

Primary shooter: Avni Nijhawan, Secondary shooter: Jessica Naudziunas


  1. Greg Provencher

    Actually, only 142 of the total fleet were built in Richmond. This doesn’t make the story any less intersesting, but maybe it’s best to get the facts straight.


    • Angelo

      She was referring to total ships built at Richmond, not just the Victory ships. Also you referenced Wikipedia, which provides two references with conflicting numbers for victory ships produced in Richmond; one 142, the other 158.

  2. It Corky had his way, the “RED OAK” would have been scrap, in to junk………

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