Election 2012: Richmond Votes

people leaving polling station

Richmond residents wearing shirts that read "Let My People Vote" walk out of a polling station at Nevin Community Center. Photo: Tawanda Kanhema

It’s Election Day in Richmond — and the only place safe from the constant barrage of campaign advertisements are the polls.

Today Richmond joins the nation in deciding who will run the country for the next four years, but voters will also consider the fate of local issues that have garnered national attention, from the City Council to Measure N.

Voters have been trickling into polling stations, like the one at Booker T Anderson Community Center on 47th Street, which had about 15-20 people shortly after 7 a.m. Other stations, such as Richmond High School, are expecting large turnouts.

On Monday night, seniors from the Richmond High School Health Academy argued the validity of Measure N in an Oxford-style debate, which gave audience members the opportunity to vote for or against the measure before and after the debate. The debate ultimately didn’t look too different from the one that’s entangled the city for the last few months and recently become part of the national conversation. But it offered a glimpse into the often-confusing matrix of facts, opinions and dollars that have influenced this election.

On Sunday, the New York Times highlighted Richmond’s health challenges and the city’s attempt to remedy them through Measure N, bringing national attention to the divide between the city’s political camps.

All polls will be open until 8 p.m. tonight.  Click here to find the polling place nearest you.

Richmond Confidential will be blogging live from around the city beginning at 3 p.m.  Check our election page for the latest.

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  1. Susan B

    Since Chevron won the election here in Richmond, maybe they’ll cut us a deal on gas prices. As if.

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