Richmond rabbits hop to new homes


The House Rabbit Society is a no-kill shelter in Richmond. They save rabbits from around the area from being euthanized. When you walk in, it neither smells like a shelter, nor looks like one. With carpeted floors and bright open enclosures, it looks more like a rabbit hotel. Which it sometimes is. The House Rabbit Society also boards rabbits for families who need their pet taken care of while they are away.

All animals brought to the HRS are spayed and neutered, and given frequent medical care. They are fed fresh food from the community garden out back, and are socialized by volunteers and the few employees the HRS has. If you are looking to adopt or want to volunteer go to

Meet some of House Rabbit’s finest:

stan the rabbit

Stanley has been at the House Rabbit Society for nearly two years. He is gentle and playful. Click to check out his page on

Jane Renee is a sassy lion head rabbit, guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Click to check out her page on


Hans here is shy but sensitive. Click to check out his page on


Opal greets you when you first walk into the House Rabbit Society like an old friend. For an animal that had a such a rough start, she holds no grudges. Click to check out her page on



  1. We love House Rabbit Society kids!

  2. Aww that’s fantastic! We sell little rabbit homes ourselves, but the don’t come with the same tlv as you obviously provide! 🙂

    Keep up the god work

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