Point Richmond is not your normal walk in the art

Every third Thursday, between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., downtown Point Richmond transforms itself into a little party and art mecca. Residents, near or far, roam the sleepy streets by the tunnel, and stop into a variety of galleries and studios to chat with artists or owners. And if that wasn’t cool enough, visitors are offered a slice of fancy cheese and fine wine to keep the warm vibe going.

Steven Nuss turned his metal studio into Refined By Fire art gallery three years ago. His art arrangements last a month or two, and then he’ll bring in a few more local artists to showcase. Nuss said his last few shows have been a combination of painter and sculptor. “People love this space,” he said. “They love to come in here because it keeps changing. The groups I’ve had show up here, the parties, live music and volunteers we’ve had has just been phenomenal.”

For more information on about the art walk and Point Richmond, click here.

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