Where is this in Richmond? Challenge 1

Richmond Confidential is introducing a new guessing game. The seven images above have been carefully shot, giving you just enough information to try to guess where and what this is. The only thing you can count on is that this place is in Richmond.

Aside from the photos, here are three clues that will help you wrack your brain:

1. The ice is gourmet.

2. “Junior” is “the little guy.”

3. Now a senior citizen.

If you know the answer, be sure to comment below. And be on the lookout for additional guessing games as part of our “Where is this in Richmond?” series.

Good luck!

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  1. Felix Hunziker

    Got to be Caspers Hot Dogs

  2. Casper’s on MacDonald ave.

  3. Famous hot dogs, indeed – at Caspar’s!

  4. Maranda


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