With a soft drink tax on the ballot, Richmond stirs

This fall, Richmond residents will vote whether or not to place a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks. This past winter, the city council voted to put the measure on the November ballot, along with a proposal to use the funds the tax would raise to help pay for health programs. But the proposed soda tax has stirred debates in the city about health, poverty and race.


  1. Tapas


  2. Tony Suggs

    Why stop at sodas? Why not cakes, candy bars, fried chicken, ham burgers, etc.

    Any and everything that is deemed unhealthy by the know it alls.

    Yes use the money for more parks or sports fields that are already under utilized here in Richmond.

    The funny thing is, the city doesn’t have a clue of how much money will be brought in and what “programs” they will spend it on.

    But of course the “people” need more education about what not to eat. They are too stupid to figure it out on their own.

    So tax it and make it more expensive to buy, that will make them lose weight and exercise more.

    Or maybe they will simple buy their “toxic” food in San Pablo or El Cerrito where it will be cheaper.

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