One Richmond

Richmond’s landscapes have a richness and diversity to match that of its people, culture and history.

Take a jaunt through the city’s shores and streets in this unforgettable digital video produced by Mark Oltmanns, layered with the buoyant soundtrack composed by Spencer Whitney.

High-definition scenes were shot from Nicholl Knob and Macdonald Avenue, among other sites. The breathtaking panoramas of Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline blend with time-lapse sequences of the Chevron Corp. refinery and streaking rides through the city’s historic downtown. The visual links that span Richmond’s 52-square-miles may be viewed as a metaphor for the sentiment of unity that Richmond residents so often cite.

The video’s title, “One Richmond,” is apt.


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  1. Heather

    Now, if you could come up with a coherent narrative that joins your two videos (I am Richmond and One Richmond) together, then you might start getting close to describing the depth, richness, and paradox that is our great city.

  2. Peter

    I love it!

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