Produce delivery company grows into Richmond

Corey Tufts and his best friend, Wayne Pierson, founded the produce-delivery service Golden Gate Organics earlier this year. The two Coast Guard members source pesticide-free fruits and vegetables—and even a few specialty items, including coffee and soy beans—from California farms, and extend their search as far as Mexico when there’s a request for something that’s not grown locally.

The small operation is working its way into the saturated Bay Area produce-delivery market despite the dismal economy, and has acquired more than 50 regular East Bay customers since it started delivering this summer.

Last month, the team expanded their route into the Richmond area after they noticed a growing demand there. Richmond Confidential reporters hung out with the crew in the wee hours of the morning recently to see them in action.

For more information on Golden Gate Organics, or to check out its online-ordering interface, go to

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