Woman found dead in Richmond restaurant

richmond police

(photo by Robert Rogers)

A 30-year-old woman was found dead in a local restaurant Tuesday night in what police are investigating as a homicide.

Officers responding to a 7:30 p.m. call found Jensy Romero dead inside Angie’s Restaurant and Bakery in the 12000 block of San Pablo Avenue, police said.

An employee discovered the body and placed the emergency call, according to Richmond Police Lt. Bisa French.

“She was pronounced dead on the scene,” French said, adding that police believe Romero’s death was “likely domestic related.”

“We have indications that it might be a prior boyfriend of hers,” French said.

French said Romero’s death may be linked to an earlier incident nearby.

“About two hours prior to us getting that call, we had another call of an anonymous person… seeing a Hispanic male hit a Hispanic female and it was in that same general area. But when officers responded they were unable to locate the victim or the suspect.”

Romero was a San Pablo resident, French said.

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  1. Richmond warrior

    this place has a curse or bad luck it was also the seen of a Double homicide 2 years ago . on a better note the Person that killed the employee was caught in San Leandro he got into a shootout with police he was shot but only injured . seems like he was a jealous ex Boyfriend . sad story glad they caught moron .

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