Holiday Extravaganza: Early holiday preparations

The Richmond memorial auditorium bustled with vendors and shoppers. Christmas carols resounded from huge speakers in the hall as people got an early start to the season. Tania Swartz, the Richmond Recreation Department coordinator for this event said, “We wanted to have community events so that people can come and start their Christmas shopping early.”

Twenty-seven vendors enrolled and participated in the 2nd year of this event on Saturday, promoting their handmade crafts, from organic coffee butter body scrub to exquisite handiwork accessories.

"Of course this bubble bath is organic. No preservative, no chemicals in here." Marry Square is explaining her organic bath product to shoppers.

Marry Square had studied herbs and homeopathy as a hobby, but when her son was diagnosed with cancer, she got more serious about it. Now she wants to share her knowledge of her homeopathic treatments in her collection of organic bath products.

Coffee butter body scrub is Marry's allegedly "must-have" item. Ground coffee helps to scrub dead cells.

Katrena Robertson, a seamstress who also is a small business owner said she is participating in this event for the 2nd time, “nobody knew that I existed before coming here. This is a good chance for a small business owner like me.”

Shoppers enjoyed browsing the unique crafts, most of which were offered at affordable prices. Local resident Wendy Terry said, “I see a lot of nice things in here and most of them are handmade, the flowers and baskets are especially reasonably priced.”

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  1. Hyeohokim

    It seems that Christmas carols resounds from huge speakers in my office. I also want to enjoy browsing the unique crafts, most of which were offered at affordable prices. I want to be a shopper in the memorial auditorium bustled with vendors and shoppers!!

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