Historic shipyards: A porthole to Richmond’s roots

Principal still- and motion-photography provided by Carah Herring, Yuanxi Huang, Mingzhuo Jiang and Alexa Vaughn

Richmond’s population exploded during World War II. People from across the country came to the city to help Henry J. Kaiser build the more than 750 warships that helped America win the war.

Today, three of the four shipyards have been bulldozed, but much of Shipyard Number Three remains. In 2000, that yard was taken over by the National Park Service as the Rosie The Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park.

The Park Service has restored the S.S. Red Oak Victory ship as a floating museum and several buildings on the site have been marked for renovation.

People interested in touring the S.S. Red Oak or the shipyard can visit the Rosie the Riveter National Park to learn more.

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  1. LIz Wolf-Spada

    Interesting story. I saw the Rosie the Riveter Park Sign driving by and wondered what it was.

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